Right sized for the neighborhood

For over seven decades, the Gaines family has been a part of the Kirkland community. Raising our families, operating a bowling alley and simply being a part of this growing community.

Today we are working with the City of Kirkland to implement Policy BT-7, as adopted in the 2018 Bridle Trails Neighborhood Plan. This would allow us to redevelop our 62+ year old building in a manner to fulfill the vision and add to the vibrancy in this wonderful neighborhood.

Photo credits: Gaines family archive, 16 Lane House

The Building

The building has served us and the community well for decades, and it’s time to redevelop and right-size the property for today in accordance with the vision of the BTNP. We are working with the City and other property owners in the shopping center to develop a design program, development standards, design guidelines and new zoning code to envision how the shopping center may look in the future.

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Photo credits: Gaines family archive - Freda and Mary with Trophies (002)

Bridle Trails Neighborhood Vision

The Bridle Trails neighborhood has a rural pastoral feel with large forested areas and an equestrian community character within an urban environment bordering Bridle Trails State Park. The Bridle Trails Shopping Center provides a mix of neighborhood oriented commercial services to surrounding residents and is an active focal point for the neighborhood.

The Bridle Trails commercial area has been transformed into an active, attractive, mixed use residential and commercial village with neighborhood oriented businesses and gathering places. A residential village surrounding the shopping center provides a built-in customer base to support high-quality retail establishments, allowing people to walk to shops and services without getting in their cars. Nearby Snyder’s Corner provides a visual open space amenity for the nearby mixed use neighborhood center.

From the 2018 Bridle Trails Neighborhood Update:

Bottom line, we are making sure we’re part of an active, thriving local commercial center designed to be a vibrant and active  place for residents and neighbors to live, shop, play, gather and enjoy – today, tomorrow and into the future.

Don Wells and Tom Wright, Gaines Family representatives

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Image credits: The City of Kirkland
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