FAQ’s for TechCity Bowl


Q: What is happening at TechCity Bowl?

A: We’ve used this time during the COVID-19 mandated shut down to make some exciting changes to the bowling lanes in two areas our customers will enjoy. Seating areas have been updated and we’ve installed the Clutch bowling technology.   Check out our website for more information.

Q: Are you open for bowling now?

A: We’re excited to say that as of Sept 8th, we are open! To meet COVID safety regulations, our hours of operation are limited, bowling is by reservation only and other restrictions are in place. Learn more at our website www.techcitybowl.com. We hope to see you soon! As frustrating as it has been to not fully open, our commitment to being a safe, family friendly business has never been compromised since we began operations in 1958.

Long term:

Q: Will the new project include a bowling alley?

A: We are evaluating all options to create a vibrant and revitalized neighborhood space as the property is redeveloped and this may include a bowling option. Our building is over 65 years old, and even though our family ownership group is proud of its maintenance and condition, the building needs major updating. Right now, we are working closely with staff to see what’s possible under the new Bridle Trails Neighborhood Plan.

Q: Why do you want five stories?

A: Pursuing the two additional stories now allowed under the Bridle Trails Neighborhood Plan makes redevelopment possible for our property. To rezone we are required to meet a set of guidelines that return benefits to the community. We support this approach and are working closely with city staff to make sure we meet the guidelines.

Q: Will there be retail on the main floor?

A: This is still to be determined but it’s logical that typical local retail services like salons, restaurants, and or professional offices would be ideal candidates for our location. More and varied local retail and service outlets help reduce congestion by giving our neighbors ways to meet their commercial needs without getting in their cars.

Q: Will you be talking to the community about your plans?

A: Yes!  Not only does the city’s approval process require we engage our neighbors in the planning process, but we want to hear your ideas and suggestions. We will be holding a community open house on October 21, 2020 and will come speak to any individual or organization to listen for your input. In this unusual time, that probably means a virtual presentation, but let us know if you would like to learn more.

Q: Will there be a grocery story on your property?

A: The Grocery Outlet at the Bridle Trails Shopping Center already serves the neighborhood so it’s unlikely a second grocery store will occupy space at the renovated TechCity Bowl site.

Q: Will the TechCity Bowl family retain ownership of the property and project?

A: Our plan is to maintain an interest in any development on the property as it moves forward. Our family has owned and operated the property in Kirkland for over 70 years and we want to continue to remain involved. We are looking for the right development partner to join us who has the necessary expertise and financing to ensure a high-quality project that fits the neighborhood.

Q: Are you coordinating with the other property owners at the shopping center on the plan?

A: Yes. There are three separate parcels and property owners that make up the Bridle Trails Shopping Center. We are actively communicating with the other owners to order to make sure we are moving forward on our project with the entire shopping center and neighborhood’s interest in mind. While our family is interested in redeveloping now, owners of the largest parcel (where most of the retail is currently) and the gas station have both indicated they have no plans to redevelop any time soon.

Q: What kind of housing are you including in the project?

A: If the new height is approved and we find the right development partner, our vision is to provide more middle-market housing in Kirkland, something that is desperately needed and meets the goals of city planners and elected officials. We anticipate the two stories will result in about 140 additional units than could otherwise be built. Ten percent of all units in the new building would be affordable housing units as required by Kirkland codes.

Q: How soon do you plan to redevelop and open back up?

A: Projects like ours can take years to move through the process and gain approval. We began inquiries with the City about redeveloping our property over 12 years ago. The adoption of the Bridle Trails Neighborhood Plan in December of 2018 was a milestone in giving us a clearer picture of what is possible. Through 2019 we worked with city planners to find the best way forward and now hope to apply for the two additional stories before the end of 2020. Once the height is approved, potentially by mid-2121, we will focus on finding the right development partner and begin the process of designing the new building. 

Will the entire shopping center redevelop?

Perhaps eventually, but as far as we know, not anytime soon. The application we will submit for the two additional stories is only for our building and property.  Redevelopment of the entire shopping center will happen in phases with our property redeveloping first and the larger portions of the shopping center redeveloping in later phases, as those owners decide to make changes.